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Made Timeless and Elegant

At Bella's Vintage Luxuries we believe in repurposing and upcycling vintage leather and fur coats! Come explore the endless  possibilities!

What’s New?

There is always something new to explore when upcycling your vintage fur or leather.

This season we know that weddings will once again abound. We also have sexy, fashionable Ponchos, Mongolian sheep products, knitted rabbit ponchos and of course our  luxury blankets & endless pillows, which has become a huge staple here at BVL

 Got a couple of coyote or Raccoon coats? they make wonderful rugs great for the finished basement, cabin, bedroom, and we will also do Christmas stockings and fur covered benches, ottomans and more! Got an idea? 

Lets explore!

Hello!....Im Bella and thanks so much for visiting!

Love Vintage?  me too!  I believe in up cycling and re purposing what's already there and believe me there are mega tons of  vintage textiles in Canada.

I know there is a common thread especially when it comes to vintage furs. Perhaps you have inherited a coat or even a few and your not sure what to do with them. I have the solution or should I say several solutions.

Why us?

We maintain the current wildlife by using only the most excellent quality in existing vintage furs and leathers. We fashion them into up cycled, re purposed beautiful vintage products. If you're over 30 then you probably had a mother or grandmother who wore furs. Statistics show that women may inherit up to at least 3 vintage furs from a relative. Not sure what to do with it? Not sure if you want to wear it? We have the answer! Dont throw it away, turn your grandmothers old coat into a vintage heirloom by having it made into a beautiful pillow, luxury throw, hat or poncho. Perhaps your coffee table in the basement could us a face lift. Why not cover the top in vintage cowhide or mink! The possibilities are endless and only limited to your imagination. Custom work is always available, or, choose from one of our many gorgeous designs.

Come, meet with me at my Edmonton studio for a complimentary consultation. We can  discuss your many options to transform your mothers or grandmothers coat into a vintage heirloom to be enjoyed for now and for generations to come. Keep the memories , enjoy a functional heirloom!  ❤

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