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Repurposed to Your Style

Not sure what to do with the vintage fur you inherited? Let Bella's Vintage Luxuries upcycle it into something wonderful and functional!

Services & Policies of BVL

Custom up cycling of your vintage Fur

Not sure what to do with your moms vintage fur? We offer a complimentary consultation at our Edmonton location, to discuss your options and ideas to turn that coat into a vintage heirloom. We can create or provide beautiful attire for your  wedding party such as: muffs and shawls as well as Fur trimmed Irish custom cloaks, capes and ponchos in all colors and various fur trims. Some other ideas? Pillows, luxury throws, cuffs, fur trim on an old coat, cape or poncho! fur covered footstool or bench. Weddings, themed events, Goth, Halloween, Royal, Viking, Fantasy & Christmas, 


We also do repairs to your fur coat or collar such as replacement of fur ruffs on hoods, repairs of separated pelts, hemming, shortening, sleeve removal for the purpose of a vest, restitching of linings. Please note that a consultation must occur to evaluate the extent of damage to the coat as some repairs are just not possible. We do NOT totally dismantle or remodel your coat and ask to consult with a furrier.


At Bella's Vintage Luxuries we also accept and appreciate fur donations. Quite often I am approached about donations for various reasons: closet cleaning, the passing of a loved one, no longer wearing the fur, or inherited the fur and wont wear it. What ever the reason if its in good shape we will accept it!

Donation for a Cause

In the last 2 years I have received several coats as donations with a request to turn them into lap quilts to be donated to a retirement home of the donators choice, usually the home where a loved one had resided. WE LOVE THIS!! The fur is put to good use as there is nothing warmer that a fur quilt to an elder suffering from chronic cold issues even in the summer months. They are always well received and appreciated and the donator is keeping a memory alive and passing on a tradition.

Private Sale

I am approached on a weekly basis to buy fur privately. Please note that I have a supplier and DO NOT purchase privately.  I usually recommend that people post their fur sales on Kijiji.  


Rental policies

All of our transactions start with a consult following the initial call or email. We will accommodate you and your party to make sure your special day is the best it can be.

Rental fur products are very special and are constantly being cleaned and kept in pristine condition to be enjoyed again and again. This includes: shawls, jackets, coats, Irish cloaks, muffs etc.

Once you have made a decision a rental agreement will be customized just for you. Pricing, terms, timing, care and maintenance must be strictly adhered to. This includes: cost of items, deposits, pick up and drop off, and how the rental will be treated and enjoyed while in your possession.

As these are very special vintage one of a kind products our policy is to secure a deposit to cover loss, damage and soiling of the products as well as irreparable damage.

Smoking (cigarettes, cigars or otherwise), red wine consumption and chocolate fountains while wearing the garments causing damage or worse irreparable damage will result in the loss of your deposit. Agreements must be initialed that the contents, policies and procedures have been understood before signing.

Custom work policies

All of our transactions start with a consult following the initial call or email. We will accommodate you  to make sure your special one of a kind, memory or custom piece or project is the best it can be. This includes your own fur or if you have decided to use our fur products.

Once you have made a decision an email will be sent discussing the final decisions of your requests including size, cutting, filling, backing, special sewing arrangements, initial deposits and timelines. This allows for reassurance of what was decided but also allows for decisions to be altered. It also serves as a receipts of initial deposits.

Once cutting is ready to commence another email or text will be sent informing of the commencement. Pictures and information of the project will be sent at every stage until the final project is complete and ready for pick up.

Please note that once cut the piece or project cannot be reversed. If the decision to cancel is made at this point your product will be returned if it was your own but you will be billed for the hours or work done to this point, or you may lose your deposit. If the product was ours it will remain with BVL.

Thanks so much for choosing Bella's Vintage Luxuries and supporting or cause!


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